-ness is a songwriting and production duo formed by Ethan Peck (right) and Jesse Weisberg (left). In 2013, Ethan, who had long been writing songs, heard Jesse’s singing voice while playing Rockband on Playstation and convinced him to take up the guitar and start singing seriously. With little prior music experience aside from the trumpet, Jesse taught himself guitar and began writing songs in a matter of months.

By then, Jesse and Ethan started playing together, recording countless voice memos of live sessions until they realized that there was a natural songwriting dynamic worth pursuing. The two began experimenting in Ethan’s basement on Logic with a usb microphone and a broken mandolin that Ethan haggled from a beach peddler– the product was ‘Behind the Couch.’  Excited by the creative process of writing, recording, and producing, Jesse and Ethan continued to write more songs and develop their sound and style.



We’re doing this to connect with people through stories– stories that start with seemingly small, intimate moments and transform throughout a song to reveal broader meaning and evoke feelings that make the story tangible.  We put an enormous amount of time and work into producing ensembles of sound and structuring songs to construct the visual and emotional states of a story.  Our goal is that when listeners hear a –ness song, the lyrics and music will induce heavy visuals and emotions that spark a connection to parts of themselves and moments from their own lives.  With this goal in mind, our music becomes a celebration of our ability as humans to feel and imagine– this is where –ness comes from, as the suffix embodies capturing and describing the essence of a moment.  


What’s going on now:

While studying abroad in Israel, we wrote and began recording the follow-up to our debut EP. We continued to work on it upon our return to the US and it took over a year to finish, as recordings took place throughout Tel Aviv, Long Island, and St. Louis. But just like the previous EP, this record was mixed and mastered at home on a laptop in a basement. The new record, 'whatever's unclear to you, it's the same for me' was just released independently on November 11th!!! You can download it for free on our homepage,


We are always looking to collaborate and work with others. If you are interested in us and our music please do not hesitate to reach out.

Ethan & Jesse from -ness